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Family Guy Style Couple for Babs - UK
Family Guy Style Couple for Babs – UK
family Cartoon
Family Cartoon I think this is the most number of persons I draw in one image.
Euf Cartoon Family Guy Style
Euf Cartoon Family Guy Style

These are some of the Family Guy Style Cartoons I did last December. I used photoshop and Sai making these. If you need a similar commission feel free to contact me. I will reply as soon as I received your message.

Short Blog
I went back to Pangasinan to attend to my mother who recently hospitalized. She’s out now and we are all happy. I am praying for my parents to have a long and healthy life.

Today will also be the day when our good friend Aljade will go back to the US from his short visit here in the Philippines. I went out with him and Dhana and had a few drinks and some Videoke. It was lot’s of fun. It’s really not about the number of people in the party, but how the people party! I know we’ll meet again soon.

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