Caricatures and Blog About Vietnam Trip

The above are some of the caricatures I did last March. I used Photshop and Sai for drawing those. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me so we can talk about it. I always reply to inquiries within 24 hours or less.

Vietnam Trip
We left Manila on June 1st and arrived to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam early morning of the next day June 2nd. We rode a taxi to get to the hotel, which was not advisable.Never ride an airport taxi as they are generally overpriced. My advise is to research other means of transportation to save money, maybe read some travel blogs, or check out trip advisor articles, they provide a pretty accurate things about the country you are planning to visit.

As we are on our way to the hotel, I immediately noticed how plenty of motorcycles they have, and their roads are so much wider that what we generally have in the Philippines. By the time we got the hotel, we encountered a language barrier problem, typical on non-English speaking countries. We are going pay the taxi driver but we are not really able to understand what he is saying. We survived that by just handing over our money based on the meter and added the “extra” he is saying or what we assumed he was saying to us.

The Hotel was nice, and the internet was fast. The next morning after a decent sleep we head off to the planned walking tour of the City of Ho Chi Minh, previously Saigon. Again, I am not expecting this much motorcycles in the city. I first thought that Philippines has lots of Motorcycles already as it’s easier to acquire than a car. But I was wrong, Ho Chi Minh or maybe the whole of Vietnam, it the motorcycle capital of the world. The Roads are dominated by Motorcycles than cars!

So we went to the city and the first stop is the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum‎. It’s a whole building of artworks form old and the new. As an artist It’s really enjoying to me to see artworks and I am glad that it was a part of our tour. It’s Amazing how the art world is linked, the styles I saw are somewhat the same as what I am seeing here on our country.

Pictures HERE

The next stop is the Vietnam war Museum, by the way, all this places can be WALKED only through out the city. NEVER ride a taxi, motorcyle and most specially NEVER RIDE THE CYCLO tour offered on the streets. Please take this as a warning to anyone going to Ho Chi Minh we were rippd off by those Cyclo Drivers on the streets.

Here’s their M.O. They will offer a ride once you tell them where you are going. In our experience, we asked direction to go to the Vietnam Museum and they told us to take a ride on their Cyclo for “Five”, or so we thought, because that Five means 500,000 Vietnamese Currency or Roughly 500 Ph Pesos! To convince you they will let you see some “testimonial” writings on a notebook, to get your trust. One of the writings is even in Filipino! Never trust it! DON’T RIDE THEM! we ended up paying about Php 1500 for a 3 hour ride. When I told that to a filipino I met at the market he said we could rent a car for the whole day at that price! We’ll it’s going to be charged to experience and will be more careful next time. Again, If you really want to enjoy the city, just walk it. It’s nice and free!

The Vietnam War Museum
It was a place of display of the Vietnam war artifacts, pictures and many more. They also have shops, that are decently priced. If you want to shop for souvenirs, it’s a good place to buy things.

One thing that struct me the most is about Agent Orange. It’s a form of poison gas that kills and destroys the DNA of the affected person. It’s a terrible gas that affects lots of people even to this day! You can look it up for more information about it.

More pictures HERE

Next stop is the Market where my friend bought some bags, we were also able to see the Saigon river. After a meal at the local Mcdonalds we went back to the hotel rested and waited for the time of the Bus ride to Cambodia more on that on the next post.