Illustration for Summergreen and Bangkok Trip

Illustration for measurements for Summergreen
Illustration for measurements for Summergreen

We arrived at Bangkok City proper around 15:00 we are supposed to go to a museum but it closes at 16:00 so we just headed towards the Apartment we rented using AirBnB. The place was really nice. After a long day of walking we just decided to sleep the night and start touring the next morning.

We took the train and headed to the Jim Thompson Museum, it’s a nice place to visit to get to know more about the culture of the Thai people. Jim loved thailand and you can see it clearly on his house. There are lots of great things to see inside the house. You can see his collection of artifacts and artworks. You can also see what it’s like inside a traditional Thai house.



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The next place we visited is the The Grand Palace. It was a very massive complex of very detailed and beautiful buildings and structures. It was really a great place to visit. I took as much picture as I can. I specially like the very long mural about a certain Hindu tale.


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After that, we went to a Mall to wait for our cruise ship. We also got to walk along the streets around the area. Later at night we boarded a cruise ship along the river. It was my first time to board a cruise ship so I am excited. The food my was nice with music and partying. Then after the cruise ship we rode a taxi to the backpacking capital of Bangkok. I just like to walk around the area, it was never my plan to shop so I just enjoyed sight seeing. We went home after.

The next day we had a Thai massage, ate and flew back to the Philippines. It was a great trip in South East Asia. Next time, I would like to go to Japan, or Korea or New Zealand.