Caricatures and Blog

These are some of the caricature commissions I did for Alcindy last April. I did a lot for him. I think I am doing all of his colleague which is great. I did all these digitally using Photoshop and Sai. Feel free to message me for commissions.

Short Blog:


I am making a habit of drawing everyday with my dip pens and I have done very well these past few days. Here I did Ramsay and Wun Wun after I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed drawing these. I haven’t made any significant changes on the reference I used, I just want to practice with the pen and ink use.

Yesterday, I watched together with Kassy the movie Me Before You. It was a nice movie to watch with your loved ones. It has lots of funny and tear jerker moments. I am not going to try and review the film, all I can say is we watched it and it was great.

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