Bible Scenes Illustrations and Blog

These are some of the Bibile Scene illustrations I did last May for a client. The two scenes are Peter preaching after the Spirit of God was given on the day of Pentacost and Philip in the eunuch’s chariot explaining scripture. These are for a coloring book. I am so excited to have my own copy of it. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:

Here’s another taste of my painting I am working on for the Saturday Group exhibit at Liongoren Gallery, Dagupan City. I am using acrylic Paints on canvas. Good thing I almost finished the painting mostly on Monday and Tuesday, I haven’t touched the painting for two days and the submission will be on Friday. I am really happy about the result and want to continue painting regularly. I was offered a free concert ticket yesterday but I am not thinking about passing on it. I really have lot’s to do today and I am going to go home to Pangasinan tomorrow. I work right now is more important, I need to priorities what brings food to the table.