Brian Kidd Cartoon

Brian Kidd (born 29 May 1949) is an English football coach and former player, who is currently assistant coach of Manchester City. – Wikipedia

I did the sketch, ink and colors for this caricature last September. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

XP-Pen Star 03 First Impressions

I am writing this short blog to give a first impression on my experience with the XP-Pen 03 Star pen tablet that I got from a friend.

A little history. So I got an intuos small, an entry level pentab from wacom.

This one.

All is well and is working properly. I am using this as a back up drawing tablet as I already have a cintiq 13HD that I use regularly. I only use this pentab whenever I draw out or travel, that I am not often doing. After maybe a couple of years or so, the USB cord broke and I have to get a new one. It was working for a while but I noticed that the pentab is acting up sporadically

I am in denial thatt my wacom pentab is not working so I tried to troubleshoot. One advice is that the pen may be dirty. Updated the driver or use old drivers. Restart computer. I did what I could do.

Suddenly, when I have to work to someplace I can only bring my pentab and laptop for a long while, I gave up and posted on facebook and twitter that I am having issues and I am looking for a pentab replacement from my FB friends. I did this just to do it, but I am not really expecting.

Two of my friends replied, one is selling an xp-pen at a bargain price and the other an Intuos Pro Medium for more than 10K php. Since I am not going to use this regularly I went to get the XP-Pen Star 03 Pentab.

This one

I went ahead and test it right away. I installed the driver and did some test drawings. I was used to drawing with small pentabs so it’s feels weird at first working with this larger pentab. At first, because, I really liked working this larger pentab. It’s much easier. This is what I have drawn with the xp Pen.

I drew the hawk with the xp-pen star 03. I sketch and inked it with the pen tab.

Final thoughts with the pen. I can’t say for sure that this pen is great. But so far as I have used this on actual work and sketched and inked an art with it. I can say that it’s great working with it. If you are on a budget you can use this. I am thinking students will be able to use this pen as it sells on a lower price point compared to wacom pentabs.

Fotobaryo 2019

Fotobaryo Marketplace and Swap Meet pics with Ramark Masangcay. FIlm Cam event! First time ko umattend mg ganitong event at masasabi kong buhay ang film photography. Nakabili ako ng Minolta SRT 101 body at film pang test. Baka may ingeredted da inyo I’m selling my Minolta XG-1 na. #film #filmphotography #fotobaryo