Inktober Day 1 and 2

Once again I’m doing inktober! This is my third year joining, so far I’m successful doing the previous two years! With that experience I am confident that I can do it once again. I am still using dip pens for these ink artworks. In fact this is the only time of the year when I get to use my dip pens.

The theme of my inktober arts for this year is #cheesyfit. Cheesyfit is my creation of cheesy one-liners and artworks.

Inktober Day 1. Swift


Inktober Day 2. “Divided”

Inspired by Doctor Who
Inspired by Doctor Who

Gwaping ng Komks Sa Pop Expo 2017

Yesterday me and my fellow members of the Gwapings ng komiks attended the Warner TV Pop Expo 2017 at BGC High Street. It was such a fun event it was a bit rainy in the afternoon and evening but overall we enjoyed and met a lot of people. Shout out to Flipgeeks for taking care of us during the day! I’m excited for this bigger event next year!