XP-Pen Star 03 First Impressions

I am writing this short blog to give a first impression on my experience with the XP-Pen 03 Star pen tablet that I got from a friend.

A little history. So I got an intuos small, an entry level pentab from wacom.

This one.

All is well and is working properly. I am using this as a back up drawing tablet as I already have a cintiq 13HD that I use regularly. I only use this pentab whenever I draw out or travel, that I am not often doing. After maybe a couple of years or so, the USB cord broke and I have to get a new one. It was working for a while but I noticed that the pentab is acting up sporadically

I am in denial thatt my wacom pentab is not working so I tried to troubleshoot. One advice is that the pen may be dirty. Updated the driver or use old drivers. Restart computer. I did what I could do.

Suddenly, when I have to work to someplace I can only bring my pentab and laptop for a long while, I gave up and posted on facebook and twitter that I am having issues and I am looking for a pentab replacement from my FB friends. I did this just to do it, but I am not really expecting.

Two of my friends replied, one is selling an xp-pen at a bargain price and the other an Intuos Pro Medium for more than 10K php. Since I am not going to use this regularly I went to get the XP-Pen Star 03 Pentab.

This one

I went ahead and test it right away. I installed the driver and did some test drawings. I was used to drawing with small pentabs so it’s feels weird at first working with this larger pentab. At first, because, I really liked working this larger pentab. It’s much easier. This is what I have drawn with the xp Pen.

I drew the hawk with the xp-pen star 03. I sketch and inked it with the pen tab.

Final thoughts with the pen. I can’t say for sure that this pen is great. But so far as I have used this on actual work and sketched and inked an art with it. I can say that it’s great working with it. If you are on a budget you can use this. I am thinking students will be able to use this pen as it sells on a lower price point compared to wacom pentabs.

Flower Watercolor Paintings

I wanted to get used to painting with watercolor so I decided to draw 30 of these flowers. I finished the paintings non consecutively. I used winsor and newton watercolors and brushes.