Fotobaryo 2019

Fotobaryo Marketplace and Swap Meet pics with Ramark Masangcay. FIlm Cam event! First time ko umattend mg ganitong event at masasabi kong buhay ang film photography. Nakabili ako ng Minolta SRT 101 body at film pang test. Baka may ingeredted da inyo I’m selling my Minolta XG-1 na. #film #filmphotography #fotobaryo

Hey Guys I’m in Baguio City

We arrived yesterday and checked in at a hotel after eating dinner. The trip was ok, but I would prefer travelling in daytime next time. The day after we ate our breakfast at Tsokolaterya in upper session and tasted the famous Champorado. Great way to start the day.

Champorado of Tsokolaterya
Champorado of Tsokolaterya

hagging out with friends
hagging out with friends

Kid Illustrations and Blog

These are some of the kid illustrations I did for Mforero. He did commission me to more of these. I used Photoshop and Sai for these. Feel free to message me for similar commission.

Short Blog:
I am now starting to ink the illustrations I did yesterday as well as the 1 page comic the I will submit for Free Comic Book Day 2016. It’s my chance to show off my skills to potential clients. To day I shall finish inking everything and move to colors tomorrow or tonight.

I found this link yesterday while browsing the web:

It’s an article featuring the book I illustrated for Dr. Sheilah Carpenter. Check it out! 🙂

Caricature Commissions and Blog

Caricature for Artsy
Caricature for Artsy

Office theme caricature for Eve
Office theme caricature for Eve

These are some of the digital caricature commissions I did last February. I used Photoshop and Sai for these. Feel free to message me for inquiries. I always reply. And please check out my portfolio links. It’s good I promise.

Short Blog:
Today’s payday! I am going to dagupan to withraw and after which, with my dad we’ll deliver the artwork of Jeffrey Somera. He’s one of my friends here in Pangasinan. I even became the best man on their wedding!

Simpsonized Cartoons and Blog

These are some of the simpsonized and One Futurama style cartoons I did last August of 2014. Yes, did a lot that I fall behind posting even though I post regularly. I used photoshop and Sai for these. If you need any cartoon like on this post, feel free to message me.

Short blog:

I am going back to Pangasinan if not tonight, tomorrow morning after my morning coffee and work. I usually post stuff on social media while having my morning coffee. If I still have time I will check emails and then start working shortly after. It’s been a habit of mine that it feels weird if I didn’t do it in the day.

I will be going home to have my papers ready. I’ve been coordinating with an accountant to work on my BIR taxes. I am going home to get the papers done. Another business is to attend the wedding of my high school friend Cindy. I’m pretty sure I’ll be meeting familiar faces this Saturday.

That’s my new work station. We cleaned my PC and got the wiring corrected. So cool to look at with the lights.

Simpsonized Cartoon and Blog about Saluksok

Here are some of the Simpsonized Cartoons I did last August. These were done way back 2014. I did a lot during that time. I used digital media for these using Photoshop and Sai. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me. I always reply to inquiries.

Short Blog:
Yesterday (March 31, 2016) 12932781_1128806140471129_3361408292359944423_n



Visual art is a voiceless articulation of a heart subsumed with a raging passion. It is more than a piece hanged on the wall. It is an expression of heart, thoughts, and life experiences, combined to make an output. It may be voiceless, but it will never be hindered by the silence of its communication, aiming for a better nation through a deeper understanding of our society’s present conditions. The creativity drew on a simple canvas is by mystery inflicts pain and incurable bruise that genuinely reflects a unique understanding and perception about social reality.
BISKEG started from humble beginnings, equipped with cravings, desires, and stories. The expression of their thoughts is peculiar and free, but the impact it creates are of boundless zeal. As these young artists continuously struggle to revitalize the culture and art of their local community through their artistic representation of social advocacy, their sacrifices will never come to an end.
They follow the message of surrealist art where pure thoughts are expressed freely against all moral and social prejudices. Creativity and anguish compose the majority of their artworks that appear sinuous to many. The beauty of art they possess defies mainstream aesthetics. The statement is never clearly distinguished – it is harsh, disturbing, dark, and meant to conceal its depth – filling up futile thoughts. It is never just an eye pleasing thing, but reflects how real and imagination coincides.
They create their own little world in their minds, express their conscious thoughts and offer their selves to create meaningful contribution to human society. And therefore, to reflect the emotions stemming from the grievous life situation is their greatest reward. And just like a splint that pains, and cuts, and bleeds, BISKEG will surely leave a twinge that penetrates into the deepest sense of imagination.
Saluksok is a common term used when a very small piece of wood accidentally get inserted in the fingers causing irritating pain. This odd feeling is the basis of the group for the exhibit linking the common social issues as a “saluksok”. Common neglected issues yet creates great chaos when compounded.
SALUKSOK will be open on March 31, 6PM and will be on view until April 12 at ART GALILEIA, Second Floor Serendra Shops, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For Inquiries Call 0915 809 7946 or email:
Words by : Annalyn Sison – Carreon