Journey to Manga Studio

manga studio screenshot
Screen shot of my work.

So I decided to get this blog of mine going. I have been posting my artworks more specifically, Caricatures, cartoon portraits and Illustrations so now I will try my best to add more personal content.

I’ve always been hearing about Manga Studio, and I am really curious about the program, I have been using SAI and PS for Inking and making digital artworks in general, I already have a workflow so I don’t see the need yet to learn it. Now I understand that learning new software is always great and fun too. To be more specific, in getting a job, sometimes they need you to work on Manga Studio.

About the artwork I did, I am going to use this to my cheesyfit booklet to be released later this year, 2015.

About using the program, I’ve used a lot of softwares and It’s always good to be more patient, specially when you’re just starting out. Also, there are a lot of online reference to learn from. Me personally, I most of the time use Youtube, and watch video tutorial, I am visual person and watching them do it, allows me to learn faster. So that’s it. I am still learning so see you later.

– Mel Casipit