asia pop comic con

IKP 027: Asia Pop Comic Con with Gio and Mel

Mel and Gio talks about their experience in Asia Pop Comic Con 2016.

IKP 004: Asia Pop Comic Con Talk with Mel and Gio

(Filipino) Asia Pop Comic Con Talk with IKP Team. With Mel and Gioseppe talks about their experiences in the Asia Pop Comic Con 2016 at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia. They are both part of the artist alley/Creative Circle.

Batgirl Blank Cover Commission at APCC

I was able to get a blank cover commission yesterday at the Asia Pop Comic Con day 3. I got it as I was drawing a personal art. The rate was good and the client loved my cover. He said there will be more! I am so excited. I’ve been wanting ko draw good blank cover arts as my friends do. Quick summary of the the APCC Ph 2016! It was so far the best convention I attended the crowd was great and the venue is cool. I am looking forward for the next years event. I’m pretty sure as time goes this convention will be better and better.

Batgirl Blank Cover
Batgirl Blank Cover Commission. Asia Pop Comic Con 2016

Asia Pop Comic Con Quickie

This is just a quick blog entry. APCC is awesome. The first day is the chill day, got some sales, but I was still able to move arount the area and see what’s up. Day 2 is the busy day I’ve got lots of sales on prints, I was also able to sell a set of Sikami 1-3 which is really rare on these types of conventions. I was also able to sell my artbook of the inktober entries I did last year. I was also able to meet with old and new friends. I am so excited for the 3rd day tomorrow. I am going to rest early to wake up early. More updates and Pics soon.

This is my first commission for APCC it’s the Movie version Enchantress of the Suicide Squad movie. I really enjoyed drawing her. So much detail awesomeness.

Hero Caricatures and blog

These are some of the hero caricatures I did last May. I did these for a client from India. I used photoshop and sai in drawing. If you need a similar Commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
I just got home from Fisher Mall. I just printed some business cards, prints and covers for the upcoming events. I am really excited for August.

I made a timelapse video of the Gundam Wing fan art I did recently. I inked the artwork using a brush pen. Brush pens are challenging to use but when you get used to it, it’s fun!