Caricature Commissions and Blog

Some caricatures I did last November. One is from another client, the digital one and the other from Jeofrey. He is studying his masters in Australia and he commissions me regularly to create caricatures for his classmates which is nice. I love doing something that is for gifts. At this point of my freelance career, I’ve been doing more and more digital caricatures and illustrations that when I receive traditional art requests, it’s getting to be a breather. So if you want to commission me feel free to send me a message.

Short blog:
Today I am going to finish another painting for an exhibit in Dagupan. I’ve got limited time so I am going to make this short. Good thing I’ve planned the painting long before so I generally have a rough idea how it’s going to look. Wish me luck!

Illustration Commission and Blog

These are the two sample Illustrations I did to Ali last October. I am getting illustration inquiries and I am fortunate that I am getting the job most of the time. This sample was approved and I was able to do the whole book, including the cover and layout. This book is very special to my heart as this is the first book that I have a physical copy of. It’s here ready to be used as a bragging tool to friends 😀 If you need a similar commission. Feel free to message me.

Mel’s Short Blog:
Yesterday I went playing badminton in the morning and attended my best friend’s birthday part at night. I was all fun!