Biskeg Pangasinan

BISKEG Pangasinan at Pinto Art Museum

This coming Sunday, February 17, 2018 Biskeg Pangasinan the Artist Collective that I am a member of will have the opening of Group Exhibit and Solo Shows. It is once in a while that the shows on Pinto will have only Pangasinan Artist that is why we are very honored and proud at the same time. Please join us in the opening and reception, 3pm, at the Pinto art Galleries. See you all there!

BISKEG Pangasinan at Pinto Art Museum.
BISKEG Pangasinan at Pinto Art Museum.

“KARTON NETWORK” by BISKEG – Pangasinan Artist Collective

by BISKEG – Pangasinan Artist Collective

(A Social Commentary on the Rampant Card Board Justice)

Opening Reception :
October 22, 2016 | Saturday

Liongoren Gallery Dagupan
301 Teotinay Building, Tapuac District
Dagupan City (Besides MESHROOM Cafe)

See you!

“KARTON NETWORK” by BISKEG – Pangasinan Artist Collective

Simpsonized Cartoons and Blog

These are some of the Simpsonized Cartoons I did last August. I am now looking back at the cartoons I’ve done in the past and I am starting to realize that I have done more of the Simpsonized Cartoons than any other “stylized” cartoons. Of course the most that I have done is the dogital caricature/cartoon. I really enjoyed doing this cartoons. I admit that sometimes I am bored and pressured of the too many orders but It’s ok once I get over it. If you need to get one for yourself, I know you want it. Feel free to message me.

The Next event I’ll go to for the month is UP North Music Festival. I will join my artists friends from Biskeg Pangasinan. Lots of activities are in store for you. If your near and even if your not from Pangasinan you should consider visiting this will be fun.

Up Dharma Down, DJ Tom Taus, DJ Ron Poe, Cheats, and many more live in one night! April 23, 2016, Saturday 5PM at CSI Open grounds, Lucao, Dagupan City! Buy your tickets now at all CSI branches or through our official ticket resellers! This is the first and biggest music and arts festival in Pangasinan! UP NORTH Music Festival #UNMFDagupan #CSIMalls

Mantunosan x Malinac Lay Labi Exhibit at Liongoren Gallery

Three of my close friends are having an exhibit at Liongoren Gallery in Tapuac District Dagupan City starting on August 22. It’s a month-long showcase of great artworks from Patrick Fernandez’ solo exhibit and Rachel Ann Lacaba and Ben John Albino’s collaboration. With the help of Biskeg Artist Group, another successful opening was held!

I went to the show last Saturday in time to witness how busy the event was. I looked around and really enjoyed the great artworks. I was surprised with the lighting – as the artworks specially on the works of Patrick, were glowing in the dark. He must have used a special paint to get that effect. It’s hard to explain as I am not very good in words, so that’s another reason why you need to see the show. The works of Ben John and Anne are also impressive – the paintings are very colorful that make you want to stare at the paintings for a long time.

Other than the two exhibits, there were also a mini art fair and a mini merchandise sale – with stickers, lot’s of them, pomade and framed little artworks. An open mic was also held at the event in the evening where visitors can go up the microphone and say whatever they want – like poetry, music numbers and pick-up lines.

Go and see the the beautiful artworks, Liongoren Gallery is Located just beside Hilkan Montessori and Mellow Out. Exhibit is open for 4 weeks.


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