book illustration

Illustrations for Erica and blog

These are the illustrations I did for Erica last March. This is a booklet for their activity. I did the illustrations with a tight deadline so I did not have much time putting more backgrounds to the images, but I believe I was able to draw the main essence of the book. I got help for this from Alvin Yanga. He did most of the inks for this. If you ever need illustration commissions feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
Update about the OLX selling (no this is not a paid advertisement, I am just blogging about my experience). So I posted our Kia Pride 2nd hand car and Jot Pro stylus. Yesterday after all the text inquiries, we finally sold the Kia pride to Anton a fireman in Isabela province. He paid yesterday in cash. It was a nice experience. The Jot pro also has a buyer that I am scheduled to meet in a bit.

Commission Illustration: “Forest of Fear”

Marty walking home is the moonlight.

Oliver the pet dog licking Marty on the cheeks.

James teasing Marty about being afraid going to the woods.

Marty walking through the woods and looking scared.

Marty, Tammy and Oliver playing ball.

Marty imagines a fox and a bear.

Marty running from something.

Marty standing at the entrance of the woods.

James tells the girls that its almost 8 o’clock.