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Caricature commissions and Blog

These are some of the Caricature commissions I did last March of 2015. I used photoshop and Sai for these. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
I am finally going to be able to play badminton today! Finally after many months of being so busy with events and personal stuff. I am really excited. So excited that I packed my things last night!

Star wars theme caricature and blog

Star wars theme caricature
Star wars theme caricature

I did group caricature last February. This is a series of pop culture theme caricatures. I already did a superhero theme and Ghostbusters theme. This time is Star Wars. I used Photoshop and sai for these. If you need a similar commission let me know.

Short Blog:
Today I will watch Civil War with my little Brother. I am excited! I am not expecting much I just want to relax and watch the movie. I may or may not do a fan art. Let’s see.

Superhero Caricatures and Blog

Some superhero caricature I did last November. These are coming from different clients. It’s so happen that I got superhero caricature requests one after another. I really enjoy drawing them. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me on the contacts tab on this site.

Short Blog:

Today I’ll meet with my new friend online from Baguio. We have talked a little online but never actually met. There have been some scheduled meet ups that didn’t push through. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna ba a great meet up later.

Superhero Caricature and Blog

Group Pic
Group Pic

Here are some of my digital superhero caricatures I did last November. I did this project with a single client. Most of my Post are from different clients but this one. As you can see it’s a fun group caricature, as a bonus I sent him all the individual caricatures for them to use. I used photoshop and Sai in these. If you need any project like this feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
I’m starting my caricature business formally and I am working on the paperwork with the help of my accountant friend. It’s not as simple as I thought but it’s OK. It’s exciting to see the progress. I am getting inspired to think about products to sell.

Cartoons and Carticatures

Another batch of my most recent caricatures I did last September. Most of my orders now is superhero caricatures. I guess it’s seasonal. All these are done digitally. Feel Free to message me if you need any similar commission.

Mel’s short blog:
I am going to go back to Manila today. My bestfriend Adonis, will be celebrating his 30th Birthday and I’m obligated to attend. He said we’ll be drinking with some friends. I’m a bit excited actually.

Digital Caricatures

I’m late posting but the day should not pass and I am not able to post anything, so here it it! These are the digital caricatures commissioned to be last year in the month of May. For commissions, please feel free to message me.