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Payt for Lab Komiks for CCCom

Noong 2002 or 2003 di ko na sure sa tagal, nagsubmit akong 8 page comics sa Culture crash Comics. Wala akong copy nung colored files na sinend ko, pero ngayon meron na! Salamat Jon Zamar. Colored Pencils and ginamit kong pangkulay at sobrang bata pa ako nito, siguro 1st year or 2nd year college.










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Iron Man, Jem, Wonder Woman and Daredevil
Iron Man, Jem, Wonder Woman and Daredevil

These is the group superhero caricature I did for Gregg. He commissioned me with lots of superhero caricatures and continues to do so. I used photoshop and sai for these. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

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Last Saturday on the Free Comic Book day at Comic Odyssey and Fully booked I was very surprised that Jon gave back my 8-page comic submission for Culture Crash Comics. I submitted it last 2003 more than 10 years ago. I was first year in college back then and I was a huge fan of the comics. I really love to submit comics and hopes to be part of the comic world. At the time I’ve been drawing comics for fun and I am getting better and better. Flash forward today, I knew most of the Culture Crash Comics creators and we frequently meet during events. It’s insane!