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Komiks Art Talk in Dagupan

Hey guys, just a quick announcement. I together with Dex Soy of DC comics’s Redhood and the Outlaws and more are doing, Illustration and Komiks talk this coming Saturday February 18, 2017 at the CSI Mall in Dagupan City. Admission is Free! Join us!

CSI Mall Dagupan – Official
Nagustuhang Pahina · Pebrero 4 ·
Meet the Creative Artist at #CSILoveandArtsFest: Art Workshop and learn on their creativity and craftsmanship as they talk about their works in creating amazing arts. #CSIMallDagupan #csimalls

Dagupan Tech Caravan 2017

Last weekend Biskeg Pangasinan myself included took part of the Dagupan Tech Caravan 2017 at University of Pangasinan. We set up a mini art exhibit and sold stickers and comics. We also made some art workshops about drawing, painting and Illustrations. It was really a fun event that I’d like to go back next year!

Daily Post and Dex Soy’s Signing

I think I’ve posted enough content and I finally decided to change the title to “daily post” from “… Commissions”. These are the simpsonized Cartoons I did last September. I used photoshop and sai for these. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Dex Soy’s Signing




I went to the signing of Dex Soy in Comic Odyssey, BGC High Street. It was held yesterday, July 30th. Dex is one of my mentors in drawing and he’s really good at drawing comics. He is also from the Province of Pangasinan!

Fart Drawings and Blog

These are the Fart Drawings I did last January for Bananaboy. It’s very unusual, but I am paid so I’m happy. I used Photoshop and Sai for these. If you need an illustration job feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
It’s good friday today. Usually, I just rest during these days, but now that I am already a freelancer. I need to work or I’ll be out of job chasing deadlines. That’s is why I always work whenever I can.

Yesterday, I went to La Union with Dex Soy and Mark Rosario. We went to PUGAD unplanned. I was really pleased with the place. It’s nice for family and group of friends! I would definitely suggest to go there for fun activities.