Free Comic Book day

IKP 065: Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day 2017

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Free Comic Book Day Comics

FCBD comics
Bench is also the title to of my Free Comic Book Day Comics last year. I decided to reuse the concept for my 1 page comic for the FCBD.

I am happy to be invited be part of the Free Comic Book day comic book of Comic Odyssey. Thanks to Jon Zamar for the invite. I did this in 2 days using photoshop and sai and my drawing tablet. I really enjoyed doing this comic. Sometimes it’s really nice to work on something different from what you usually do.

I did my best to add as much detail sa I can. I planned to put more rendering on this but the deadline is nearing so I decided on the strategical details. My concept revolves around the “Comics” theme. I wanted to show how exciting the life a comic book reader is. I think I did great. I hope you like it too.

Caricatures and Blog Post

These are some of the caricatures I did last February. Todays batch have a traditional caricature, a vector caricature and some head to chest avatar caricatures. When I draw traditionally I use pens, inks, and markers for it or whatever is available. If you need a commissioned piece feel free to message me.

Short blog:
I will go today to Fisher Mall go get some prints printed, I may also print stickers. Tomorrow is Free Comic book day, since it started in the Philippines, I was lucky enough to be part of the event as a guest artist. It’s really flattering that I know lots of artists locally who are more good than I am but I get to be part of this event. I am so excited for tomorrow. If you are near the area or not, visit us at Comic Odyssey/ Fully Booked BGC Taguig city.

Simpsonized Cartoons and Blog

These are some of the Simpsonized Cartoons I did last August. I did lots of these at the time. Right now, not so much. So if you need one or want one just send me a message so we can talk about it. I used photoshop and sai for these.

Short Blog:
I am back to Manila. This coming Saturday is Free Comic Book day! Here’s the event poster for it.

The art on this poster was done my my good friend Freely Abrigo. Check out his works hes really good.