Hero Caricatures and blog

These are some of the hero caricatures I did last May. I did these for a client from India. I used photoshop and sai in drawing. If you need a similar Commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
I just got home from Fisher Mall. I just printed some business cards, prints and covers for the upcoming events. I am really excited for August.

I made a timelapse video of the Gundam Wing fan art I did recently. I inked the artwork using a brush pen. Brush pens are challenging to use but when you get used to it, it’s fun!

Illustration For Chad Mason and Blog

Illustration for Chad
Illustration for Chad

Here’s what he said:

Ok so here we go… My wife wants to see the girls in a little older format… she gave me these examples from a cartoon that our Daughter watches…

So maybe pick an island setting like the Philippines.. jungle background… maybe some monkeys in the trees or coconuts. Something like that…

Same girls from the first pictures but styled like this example:

Maybe a young boy with them that would be a Philippine native (also attached).

I am willing to pay the same fee if you want to send me the project payment.

I did this last January. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
Today I’ll be back to Manila for Summer Komikon 2016. I’m quite excited for it. It’s beed a while since the last Komikon. I will be joined by Kai Castillo and Loser Mangaka. Summer Komikon will be held in April 16, 2016 at Bayanihan Center, Unilab Compd. Kapitolyo Pasig city. See you there.