Post Card Design for Joe and Blog



Last January I was commissioned by Joe my client friend to do a post card for Baby Cappon. They are expecting a baby and this post card will given to friends for his or her first appearance. I did based on the sketch he provided me with some notes. After a few tweaks I was able to finish it and they love it. I did this using Photoshop. I only use Sai when I need to do line art but I can also do it Photoshop. It’s just faster in Sai.

Short Blog:
Summer Komikon 2016 is tomorrow! I’m so excited for this event. I still have copies at home that I can bring over tomorrow. Copies of Sikami vol.1 to 3 and #Cheesyfit 1 – 3. Also some prints of Pangalatoons. I may also do some sketches depending on the crowd. Let’s live by the moment! I’ll be there tomorrow at around 8-9 am. See you all there.