Post Card for Joe and Art Tap

Post Card Layout Front
Post Card Layout Front
Post Card Layout back
Post Card Layout backPost 

Joe commissioned me to do a layout design of the Post Card for his promotional materials. I did the layout digitally and sent the files over through email. All the illustrations are original except for the Logo that he provided me. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog
We attended the Art Tap last night. I did not know what to expect, I did not even know how to get to the place. My original plan was to take a cab, but I realize it was too expensive and I am not even a speaker so I guess I can go late. And it proves to be a good decision. I did not spend much for the jeep ride.

There were lots of artworks at the metro club, in Estrella st. Lot’s for sale! There were talks and auctions, and performance arts. Specially, there were complimentary foods and drinks. On top of that, I was very inspired to paint and make artworks. I was with my good friends at Biskeg Pangasinan. We are a group of Pangasinan Artists. 13419091_10156931380060004_4914076839759532121_n