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IKP 054: Maika Ezawa and Meganon Comics

In this episode we talked about Meganon komiks and the upcoming event Indieket.

Starring Maika Ezawa of Meganon Komiks.
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IKP 013: Interview with Tepai Pascual of Meganon Comics

IKP Mobile with Meganon Comics’ Tepai Pascual. We talked about Manila International Book Fair, Her comics journey and many more.

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IKP 010: Interview with Manix Abrera Part 2

Part 2 of the Interview with Cartoonist Manix Abrera. After dinner we continued the conversation. We talked about his upcoming events, his process/workflow in drawing kikomachine, his future plans, facts about kikomachine comics, his favorite “ulam”, travel stories, fan experiences, his advise to aspiring comics artists and more!

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IKP 009 – Interview with Manix Abrera Part 1

In this episode we talked about Kikomachine Comics, his workflow, where he worked and why and More! Watch out for the next episode for the second part.

Simpsonized Cartoons and Blog

These are some of the Simpsonized Cartoons I did last August. I used photoshop and Sai for these. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
Yesterday, I met up with my good friends for a short drinking time and Karaoke. It was all good specially now that I am most of the time busy with work.

last day ng Yabang Pinoy Bazaar today! May cheesyfit at sikami dun! Hanapin Nyo lang ang Meganon both.

Family Guy Style Cartoons and Blog

Family Guy Style Commission for Betsorg
Family Guy Style Commission for Betsorg
Family Guy Style Commission for Betsorg2
Family Guy Style Commission for Betsorg2
Family Guy Style Commission for Betsorg3
Family Guy Style Commission for Betsorg3

These are some of the Family Guy Style for Betsorg from Australia. I did this Last January. I use photoshop and Sai for these. Client said she will use this for their website. If you you want something like this feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
I really enjoyed the showing of Buhay Habang Buhay movie yesterday at Shangri la Mall Cinema. On top of that I was able to meet my komiks friends again and had a great dinner after the movie. I Highly recommend the film, you need to watch it to appreciate it.


Lunatic Signing and Comicolor at PLF 2015


I’ve known Meganon Comics since 2010 at the Metro Comic-Con in Megamall but I’ve already seen how good they are at selling comics whenever I attend Komikons. I remember looking at their spot and where a great number of comic fans line up to buy their works. Remember those photocopied and stapled comics?

Now Meganon Comics is a Publishing house and as they are celebrating their 1st year anniversary they are launching formally the LUNATIC Comics Anthology at the The Phililippine Literary Festival 2015 at Raffles Hotel Makati, 1-7 pm on August 29, 2015. It will also be a comic book sigining of the Meganon Comics writers and artist, please see the image below for the list.

Maika Ezawa and I collaborated to create the 20-page one-shot short comics “Contestant”. It is a story about the a noontime show fanatic, so fanatic that she goes to the show studio as a means to support her family. With the help of the edits of Paolo Herras we were able to finish and soft launch the comics at The Sikat Pinoy 2015 at Megamall and Komikon: Indieket 2015 at Pasig City.


Lunatic Comics Anthology also includes works of JP Palabon, Kai Castillo, Paolo Herras, Brent Sabas, Redg Vicent and Tepai Pascual. The book cover was done by Red Vicente and JP Palabon. I do like the covers a lot as they give a glimpse on what to expect when you read the book.

Meganon will have some awesome activities for guests, one of which is the COMICOLOR: A Meganon Comics Coloring Book, including the works of the Meganon Comics Artists as well as the Lunatic Comics Anthology Artists. The cover of the Book is done by JP Palabon.


Comicolor Cover done by JP Palabon
Comicolor Cover done by JP Palabon

And here is a glimpse of the coloring book pages you can look forward to at the event.

I am inviting all my friends and fans, if there are any, to join us this Saturday! It’s free admission. I’m sure we’ll all have a lot of fun!

You can check out the for more information about the event we are part of.