IKP 038: IKP Gang Comics

IKP members talks about their own comics.

Indie Komiks Podcast

Mel Casipit –
Ardie Aquino –
Gioseppe Custodio –
Giosdesk –

IKP 028: Inspirasyon sa Pagkomiks

First time the Indie Komiks Podcast is complete for the mobile edition. This is the second part of the series.
We talked about the how we make our comics and our inspirations making them and many more.

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Pampanga Toy Collector’s Club

IKP 027: Asia Pop Comic Con with Gio and Mel

Mel and Gio talks about their experience in Asia Pop Comic Con 2016.

IKP 021: Interview with Wan Mananita

In this episode, Mel Casipit interviewed Wan Mananita, creator of Ang Morion, Unos Mundos, Wans World and many more comics.

Caricatures and Blog

Here are some of the caricatures I did last April. I do traditional and digital caricatures. For digital I use my cintiq with Photoshop and Sai. For traditional I used color pencils and pens on paper. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.

Short Blog:
Yesterday I went to the last day of the 2nd Komiket Komiks university. Where we taught about komiks creation, from story to the the artworks. It was a nice experience and I would like to do it again if given a chance.