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My Comics

Thanks for droping by! You can read some of my comics here! I write and draw my own comics. Sometimes I draw colloboration comics too. At the moment, I am concentrating my efforts to producing my comic strip, Parekoys Comics. 


Kasapi is one if my first digital comics. This comics first appeared on SIKAMI: Pangasinense Comic Book Anthology. 


Lingayen is personal to me. It is a story that was frequently repeated to us living in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Pulo Paraiso

Pulo paraiso is one of the last short comics I created before the pandemic. This comics is all digital. I’m trying to be more experimentative in depicting the story. 

Dog Style

I created this comics for Komikon’s Comics Creation contest, Summer Komikon 2009. This short comics won the “Best Entry” Award. 

Free Comic Book Day Comics

These are some of the Free comic book day comics I created. I’ve been actively participating in these kinds of activities to promote comics. 

Super Sexy 

This comic was supposed to be for an anthology. It didn’t push through so I just released this comics on my own book. 


This is a traditional comic pages. I did the pencils and inks. This comics is written by Lico Reloj and I did the artwork. 


This is my first successful 24-hour comic. I created it along with some friends at an event a few years ago. At the time, I was not yet drawing digital.

Payt 4 Lab

This is the first short comics I created to be submitted for Culture Crash Comics, This comics was created when I was in early college. 


This is my first short comics to win the Comics Creation contest of Komikon. Komikon is the all-komiks convention in the Philippines.