Melvin Calingo of Pasig from Culture Crash Comics Talk at Philippine Science High School

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Welcome to the Komiks Talk YouTube channel! In this exciting episode, we have the privilege of hosting a special guest, Melvin Calingo, the brilliant creator of “Pasig” from the iconic Culture Crash Comics series. Join us as we delve into the world of Filipino comics and explore the captivating journey behind “Pasig.” This komiks talk took place during the Comic Relief event at the Philippine Science High School on December 5, 2017. Melvin Calingo shares his insights, inspirations, and creative process in crafting this beloved comic series. Discover the rich cultural themes, compelling characters, and gripping storytelling that have made “Pasig” a true gem of the local comic scene. Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion with Melvin Calingo as we celebrate the vibrant world of Philippine komiks. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to stay updated on more captivating interviews and insights from talented creators. Join us on this Komiks Talk journey!